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Business Services

We are able to provide all of the services you require to ensure your business complies with HMRC and legal requirements for record keeping.

Company Formation

You may already be a sole trader, a freelancer, or you may not have stepped foot in business before, no matter what the situation is, there are a number of reasons why you might want to register a company with Companies House.

Reasons for wanting or needing a limited company may include:

There are many different legal structures that your company can take, the most common is a private company limited by shares. This is suitable for most commercial enterprises, although you may wish to speak to us for further information.

Private Company - limited by shares (LTD)

Private Company - limited by guarantee (LTD)

Public Limited Company (PLC)

This type of company is similar to that of a private company limited by shares, however the main difference is that its shares can be sold to the public. As a result there are a number of additional legal requirements that must be met.

Note: We do not currently form PLCs

Private Unlimited Company

This type of company can have share capital but may choose not to but there is no limit to the members’ liability. Private Unlimited Companies disclose less information than other types of companies because the members’ liability is unlimited.

We will take care of the formation of the company, submission of all relevant documentation to Companies House and HMRC and assist you with all Companies House, accounting and taxation requirements.

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