specialist services

Specialist Services

There are a number of areas of taxation that require a specialist knowledge and we would highly recommend that you seek the professional advice that we are able to offer when encountering these areas of taxation


If your organisation is recognised as a charity for UK tax purposes, it may qualify for a number of tax exemptions and reliefs on income and gains, and on profits for some activities.

This doesn’t mean that charities never pay tax. If your charity receives taxable (non-exempt) income or gains you need to let HMRC know and complete a tax return - either Self Assessment or Company Tax Return depending on whether you’re set up as a charitable trust or company.

If your charity has business activities the VAT rules will apply to you just as they do for any other business. You may, however, qualify for certain VAT reliefs and exemptions.

If you are a charity or a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) you can claim back basic rate tax from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on Gift Aid donations. You can also claim back tax deducted from other income such as bank or building society interest or tax deducted from income arising on gifts left to your charity in a will.

You may also be required to submit accounts to Companies House, if your charity is incorporated and dependant on your level of income accounts may have to be submitted to The Charities Commission

We are able to offer assistance to Charities from set up and registration with HMRC to ongoing support and guidance including VAT, Accounting, Business Tax

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